Dr. Sara Al Reefy is the first female Arab surgeon to qualify as an Oncoplastic breast surgeon. Completing her fellowship in 2011 in the United Kingdom, Dr. Al Reefy utilized her knowledge and experience to start LBCC in Bahrain, the first comprehensive multi-disciplinary breast care centre in the GCC. In only her first year of operation, she received the Bahraini Entrepreneurship Award in 2016 for her innovative services. The clinic boasts of state of the art equipment, including a 3D mammogram machine, a very advanced addition to the clinic that is designed to detect cancerous cells before lumps form and is 41% more accurate than other machines available, making it one of its kind in the GCC. Dr. Al Reefy constantly gives workshop, lectures and participates in events in the community to advocate for women in getting the help and information they need.